Publishers Weekly review

Publishers Weekly review


I’m so proud! A review of my upcoming book with Angelina Adams, Wishing on a Star, appeared in the October 5, 2015, issue of Publishers Weekly:


“In this amusing entry in the Stellar Guild series, in which a new writer builds on the work of an experienced author, Nye and protégé Adams imagine unionized magical guilds with rules, regulations, and apprenticeships. Fairies of all varieties are recruited and rise through the ranks in an orderly fashion, using wands of varying lengths to show their skill levels. Nye starts off the fun with the novella “Best Wishes,” in which aging superstar Selane rubs a lamp and acquires a genie named Vickie. Vickie’s young and not unionized, and she doesn’t know all the pitfalls and problems that can come with offering too many wishes at a time. Adams continues the tale with her novelette “Homecoming.” Vickie has been saved from the effects of excess magic and learns that life as a genie can be enjoyable for both wisher and wish giver. Cute dialogue combines well with this innovative take on the well-loved theme of fairies and dangerous wishes. (Nov.)”


Be sure and order your copy now!

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