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  1. Brian Richards
    Brian Richards12-27-2016

    I’ve enjoyed reading many of your stories, especially the collaborations with Anne McCaffrey on the “Ships” series. I recently saw a book on the Nook downloadable list in your “Myth” series and came to this, your website, to get more information about it. Under your “Booklist” tab I could see quite a number of books with titles making it obvious they were in that “Myth” series. My question is, since I could not find anything in your website, is there a list somewhere showing all the titles in the series, and what order they need to be read in? Or are they all totally stand-alone books? Please let me know so I can act accordingly, I am “anal” that way in that I much prefer to read a series in the proper order, if there IS an order. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    • Jody Nye
      Jody Nye04-11-2017

      Hi, Brian, The Myth-Adventures have their own website, and you will find a list there of the books in order. Go to The stories are meant to be read in order, but once you know the cast of characters, picking one up at random won’t hurt. You will also find the correct list in any of the novels published by Ace Books. Thanks for reading!

  2. Terry

    I have been trying to buy a copy of your “Cats Triumphant!” and cannot find it anywhere. Can you direct me to where I can obtain a copy?

    • Jody Nye
      Jody Nye04-11-2017

      At the moment, “Cats Triumphant!” is only available as an e-book from DarkStar Books. You can find it on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and all the other e-services. I hope to have it in paper sometime soon.

  3. Anthony Webb
    Anthony Webb04-06-2017

    Some years ago, I purchased a book that you wrote that was a Dungeons & Dragons type role-playing game based on the original landing on Pern. I cannot remember the name but I don’t believe that it was one of the Crossroads Adventures. What was the name of that book? At one point, I had virtually everything Anne had ever written or was associated with her writing and this particular book was a lucky accidental find that I have not seen or heard of since. The stories that you co-authored with Anne were some of my favorites, I think because you seemed to “get” her vision of Pern better than anyone else other than possibly Todd. I also really enjoyed your shared work on the Brainship series.
    I am attempting to rebuild a collection of some 35 years that my wife disposed of during our divorce proceedings, as she knew that losing my books would hurt me more than anything else she could have done. One of those books was a copy of the biography that Todd had written. Anne sent it to me from Dragonhold, signed, with the inscription “The Other Woman” (In red ink, no less) She and I had corresponded by e-mail for some time and that book was one of my most prized possessions.
    If you could possibly find the name of that book for me, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you so much for your time and consideration,

    Anthony Webb

    • Jody Nye
      Jody Nye04-11-2017

      Hello, Anthony, There were two Pern books in the Crossroads series, published by TOR Books. The first, which followed young Journeyman Robinton on his first assignment to Benden Hold (where he learned to appreciate Benden wines so much), is titled “Dragonharper” (1987). The second, which is a story of Mirrim and Path running errands and coming to the aid of stricken travelers, is “Dragonfire” (1988). You will notice that Todd McCaffrey duplicated the titles later on, but the words are separated, ie. Dragon Harper and Dragon Fire.

      I am so sorry you lost your beloved books. Dragonholder was the lovely bio of Anne written by Todd. I know you can’t duplicate her note to you, but you can still find copies of the book. Dragonwriter is a more recent collection of essays by fans and friends (including me and my husband), published by BenBella Books. You may enjoy that as well.

      Thank you so much for writing.
      Best wishes,
      Jody Lynn Nye

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