Ask Me Anything – AMA

Ask Me Anything – AMA


Hi! On Monday, January 30, 2017, I will be doing an AMA on Reddit r/books. If you have a question, come by and ask it! It’s my first time trying it, so please be patient. I think it will be a lot of fun. My account is JodyLynnNye. Looking forward to typing to a lot of you there!


  1. lake gardner
    lake gardner03-03-2017

    I am a long time fan of the M.y.t.h. series. I am glad that you took up the continuing cause of Skeeve. I think that I have most of the books, but cannot find some titles. Can you please tell me how many are in the series? Your latest book, Myth-fits on Barnes and noble says that it is #23 in the series, yet I can only find 21 books (that I know of) in the series. If possible, a list would be nice so that I could purchase them, as I am a great fan, and have been since they first came out. I have 20 so far, but do not know what the other 1 (3)??? are. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    • Jody Nye
      Jody Nye04-11-2017

      Barnes & Noble are wrong, alas. There are 21 books: 20 novels and one short-story collection (Myth-Told Tales). Check out the Myth-Adventures site at (If it isn’t up to date, it will be very soon.) Thanks for writing!

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