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Strong Arm Tactics is out!


I am delighted to announce that WordFire Publishing has rereleased my humorous military SF book, Strong Arm Tactics. ℘ The auxiliary scout platoon known as the Cockroaches contains all the outsiders and oddballs the Galactic Defense Force doesn’t want to have to deal with, but can’t find a way to discharge from the Space Service. They’re savvy, street-smart, wise (if …

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Holiday Story Bundle


The folks at have just released a new collection for the holidays! Curated by Kevin J. Anderson, the bundle spans such holidays as Mardi Gras to Thanksgiving, to Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, New Years. It of course contains some of our favorite award-winning and best-selling authors such as Kristine Grayson, Mark Teppo, Dean Wesley Smith, David Sakmyster and Jody …

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